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May 1, 2020
Fantasy sports business

Let's start by understanding what this game is about. A fantasy sport (aka rotisserie or roto) is a game that allows fans to play a virtual game or virtual season of a real sport played by real people.

A fantasy sport app user creates a virtual roster of real players via an app or a website. In this roster they pick the players from different teams (say Liverpool or Chelsea) to make a virtual team of their dreams. Now selection of these players depend on the user's research, analysis, or intuition of how individuals are going to perform in the season. This process of player selection is called a Draft.

The real-game performance statistics of the chosen players are converted into fantasy points. These points are then used to examine the standings of the participating fantasy teams on the leaderboard. This work is performed by a Team Manager that is assigned to every team.

There is also a League Commissioner who monitors the overall league by tracking, compiling, and calculating actual results of the professional sport.

The performances of the fantasy teams can be easily tracked via different websites and mobile applications.

There are different modes in a Fantasy game app-

  • Daily & weekly
  • Scoring-based
  • Draft-based
  • League-based

Conduct a user research to know what your audience wants and then plan the functionalities and types of games you'd like to get developed. It's imperative to have clarity as it reflects in your budget.

Things that will make you standout in the Fantasy Sports world

Fantasy sports world

Because of love for the game and thrill of the competition and participation, Fantasy Sports has become part of a larger demographic.

Sports enthusiasts love the accessibility of intuitive apps and websites in the palm of their hands. Besides, Fantasy sport also provides the challenge to test one's knowledge and skills in sports.

Apart from the general gameplay features like:

  • Lobby
  • Drafting
  • Live scoring
  • Leaderboard
  • Player cards

There are certain functionalities and features a fantasy sports platform should have in order to successfully carve its niche among the sports lovers.

Timeline :

  • The app or website should be supportive of both real and virtual games.
  • Users must be able to see the current performance without browsing and switching between apps or tabs.
  • There should be different options that make the app more user-friendly.
  • To be able to review your virtual team’s performance and going through the live feeds of the real match can prove out to be a great feature.

Private Group Games :

Playing with strangers is fun. But have you thought of inviting your friends to compete against you and defeat them every time? Sounds exciting! Doesn’t it?

Participants should be able choose their competitors by inviting friends, family or colleagues.

Side Note: This can also lead to increase in potential and organic participants without any extra efforts.

Virtual Currency :

The flexibility to use virtual currency instead of real one to buy players is a step in the right and user-friendly direction. Users will have currency back-up from previous winning prizes and there can be separate parts for viewing earnings.

Manage Contests :

For this functionality your app needs dedicated sections or segregation for different players, say beginners, intermediate and experts. This ensures fair play as the competition is taking place among users of a similar skill set.

With this feature the user would also be able to manage categories, add, remove, or deactivate a contest, if required.

Manage User Accounts :

According to the best practices there should be an easy way in and out of your app/website. Users should be able to edit, delete or deactivate accounts without any hassles.

Trophies/Achievement Badges :

A reward is most likely to help boost the morale of the users and make them more excited to play again and again to earn more rewards.

It will also help attract new users when the players share their achievements on social media.

Side note: Provide a direct social share button for achievements to encourage sharing and engagement.

A booming Fantasy Sports market

Fantasy sports market

According to a research the fantasy sports market size is expected to grow by $9.34 billion during 2020-2024.

The Fantasy sports industry is growing rapidly because of the advent of smart devices and lightening internet connectivity across the globe. In a time when everyone is locked up and bored at home, we all need something to kill time with. Might as well be in something that we love. Now is the best time to get your app built from a fantasy sport app development company.

How to Monetize your Fantasy Sport app?

best ways to monetize from a fantasy sports app

There are two common ways to get the additional monetary benefit from your app. You can either go for advertising on app or via participation fee.

Fantasy sport is an ever growing market and quite successful in the form of apps and websites as well. We know it because we make these money-churning software mammoths for a living. Schedule a call with us to know how we can make you the Go-to choice in the world of Fantasy Sport Apps.

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