How to Start and Create Your Own Social Network Site Like Facebook from Scratch and Make Money!!

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May 1, 2020
How to Start and Create Your Own Social Network Site

Social networking sites are like virtual worlds in themselves, where people connect with each other in virtual form. If you want to create a social networking site like Facebook, then there are some tips.

In this age and world, where everyone is busy with their hectic stuff, people have started developing the feeling of missing out. They might feel no one loves them, cares for them and they are all alone in this colossal world.

You might have this feeling too at one or the other point in your life. Or worse, a number of times in the family of 5 members- they feel their interests are different, perceptions unique and choices vary.

As a result, they find their solace in social networking sites. Yeah- The Virtual World! But, their own little recluse. The place where they are connected with peers, colleagues, relatives, clients- in short, people from all walks of life under one roof.

It serves dual purposes. It pays heed to their social and business needs. Every social networking site has its own USP (Unique Selling Point). Due to this, the famous sites like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Whatsapp have the right kind of audience and are getting huge turnovers.

So, if you are also thinking of being another Mark Zuckerberg, Trust me there is no harm and you can become one for sure. But, without further ado let's break the ice by one simple question- Why do you want to build a social networking site like Facebook?

Facebook already exists here. If you are going to provide the same features without adding something unique, why would people give your site a chance?

Don't worry. Let's get your process right.

How to Start and Create Your Own Social Network Site

  • Development of Ideas: The very first step of creating your own social networking site is to have an idea. There is no harm if you want your site to be like Facebook- but we have discussed above who needs another one? So, have an idea- something really unique, something which you can think solves people's problems or provides them entertainment. Secondly, don't be selfish. Don't think of keeping the idea to yourself thinking someone else someone will copy. Big minds won't work like these. Surround yourself with the best. Make a team of co-founders who have trust in your vision and can guide you through the process easily. It will allow your directions to have the right flow. You can discuss all the ideas with each other and the best ones shall be implemented.
  • Formulating for the development of a Social Network: Formulating the right plan is very crucial for your success. Here, we can follow a 3 easy step procedure:
    • Short Documentation- Have a short list where you have written A-Z goals and functions of your website.
    • Domain Name- Before you jump into the phases, you should select a domain name and a social network. It can vary from $10-20 per year.
    • Hosting- Social networking sites require a large amount of load. For instance, Bluehost is best suitable for beginners whereas In motion is one of the best VPS hosting sites.
  • Social Network Design: Make sure to have a trendy and compelling networking design. The one which catches the eye of your customers!! It should neither be dull or flashy. P.S. A CTA ( Call to Action) is a must on the very first page.
  • Development of a Social Network: You can develop your social network by either of the two technologies: ready-made CMS and Framework.
    CMS provides basic functionality. It means you need to develop a design and then customize it. Easier said than done, it has a lot of drawbacks like slow speed of work, poor scaling, and does not provide global customization.
    However, Frameworks on the other hand are used to develop different web applications. They improve the quality of the code and speed up the coding process. High speed, high security, scalability along with global customization makes it a better option than CMS anyday. The only disadvantage is that you need to start this from scratch.
  • Testing & Launching a Social Network: After the completion of the development, it is necessary to test the social network as there can be a probability of many bugs there. Moreover, it can hamper the promotional activities. So, it is a must to test them before launching.
  • Right Marketing: The right marketing strategy can do incredible wonders for your business. It is really important to have an audience that will become the life of your social networking site. Let's see which options are good for you for gaining traffic:
    • Google Adwords: It works on the Pay Per Click model. This is an advertising ad program where it reaches to the audience who are interested in buying your products. However, it is an expensive option for beginners.
    • Facebook Ads: This is the most targeted form of advertising. You can target your audience on the basis of age, interests, behavior, and location. It is cost-effective. For instance, you can attract almost 10000 users for $1000.
    • Guest Posts: It is an instant exposure to your targeted website. You don't have any idea how writing informative articles and sending them to popular media and bloggers is a game-changer. For example, one publication in TechCrunch can garner you around 10,000-20,000 users a day.

How to make money by creating your social networking website?

    Now, you have used your idea, bought the hosting and domain, and also have an audience with your strategized marketing skills. Let's talk about money now. After all, that's why you have taken so much effort to make a social networking site. Right? Let's explore:

  • Advertising: Here, users will have free access to all your functions on the website. But there is advertising space. Google and Facebook use this model. The only disadvantage is that you might lose some users as they have to shift the space by moving on the clicks. Although, large businesses with a stable audience can surely benefit from this model.
  • Freemium: The word "free" is enough to make the people go gaga over your products. Here, in Freemium users can enjoy most of the functions for free. However, a small amount of fee will be required for some of the additional features.

Converting around 10,000 transactions from 1000,000 users is a big deal. Surprisingly, the cost is $ 9.99 and your monthly income will be $ 99,900.
Hence, not a bad deal at all!!!

Social Networking is the need of the hour for both personal and professional lives. Every social media site has its USP and the founders have trust in their vision. Additionally, that vision should have strategic planning. And, don't forget - focus on solving problems for your audience and the money will follow.

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