A Complete Guide for Your Fantasy Football Project

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May 1, 2020
Fantasy Football App Development

Fantasy sports mobile applications have brought many big changes in the sports industry. Apart from Cricket, Football is a sport that is loved by a large group of supporters from all age groups.

here are around 4 billion people in the world who love football, and around 40 million people in the world play fantasy football. This situation is one of the big reasons to invest in building a fantasy football application. Developing a fantasy sports app is not an easy task. It requires proper planning, great strategies, a brilliant development team, a great mindset, skillset, and essential resources.

The fantasy football app is a platform where you can create and play with your team. Any user can enjoy a realistic experience without any physical involvement in the game.

Business Model of Fantasy Football App

  • Users can log in via their email id, mobile number, or another social account.
  • Any user can make a new start or start with entering the referral code received from friends to earn some reward points.
  • A user has to pay a certain amount of money to participate in a league. The user also receives cash prizes if they win.
  • The user has to draft a football team considering his budget. The price tag varies from player to player.
  • The user can make changes to their team before the actual game starts.
  • Users can keep an eye on the performance of their team players.
  • Reward points are awarded to the players after the match. These points are awarded based on their performance in the real-life game.
Fantasy Sports Software

Must-Have Features for Users

There are some important basic features for a fantasy football app.

  • Home Screen: This is the page where users can see all the information, updates, and news regarding the game.
  • Profile: Allow your user to maintain his or her profile on your fantasy football app. It will help them to keep track of their played matches, leagues and the awards they have received.
  • Drafting Teams: This feature allows users to draft their imaginary teams that can participate in leagues.
  • Join and Create Leagues: You should give an option to your user to join other fantasy football leagues as well. Allow them to create their leagues and invite their family members or friends to play together.
  • Live Streaming and Scoreboard: With the help of this feature, users can see the performance of their players. They can stay updated with the overall performance of their team.
  • Management: Allowing users to make changes in their team before the actual game starts.
  • Payment System: Users can buy reward points or transfer their cash prizes to their bank accounts with the help of this feature.
  • Push Notifications: Keep your people updated with all the gaming activities, news, information, and updates.
Fantasy football app

Must-Have Features for Admin Panel

  • Dashboard: These features enable the admin to manage and monitor everything.
  • Management Panel: This feature helps the admin to manage different aspects of the application.
    • User Management: This feature allows admin to add or remove signed users from their app.
    • Prize Management: Admins can set prize money and entry fees for the users with the help of this feature.
    • Customer Relationship Management: Feedback review and customer support are the most important things which lead to the introduction of new functions and features in any app. That’s how you can improve. This management feature allows the admin to keep a check on all these things.
    • Bank Transaction Management: Admin can track the action of the user if he or she is performing any transactions. It provides an additional layer of security.
  • View Earnings: Enables admin to access the complete earnings of individuals.

A Strong Team to Develop a Successful Fantasy Football App

Hiring a strong, experienced, and professional team will help you to achieve your targets. You have to share your goals with them and they will do their best to make you achieve that. This team will help you to better understand the market and provide you with some new insights. You can modify your strategies and techniques after consulting them. They are generally the experts in their field. So, hiring a team to develop a fantasy football app is not a bad idea.


People across the globe are interested in playing football. If a platform enables them to participate in a football match without any physical involvement and activity, it is fascinating for them.

In this modern world, people from every age group spend their time on the internet. It’s a big opportunity for fantasy sports businesses to expand.

Football holds a great fan base in the world, and the fantasy sports industry is also growing at a great pace. One should not think twice about investing in a fantasy football app!!!

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