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May 1, 2020
Fantasy sports software development features

When it comes to sports, the plethora of options- from basketball, tennis to soccer and football etc., are mesmerizing, making it a popular means of entertainment for people all across the globe. As per the latest reports, the market revenue of online sports is expected to be $2174.8 by the end of 2023.

The figure clearly depicts the pace at which the demand for e-sports is increasing. There’s a growing craze amongst fans all across the globe for fantasy sports which involves players building a virtual team with real players who physically play the sport. For example, a fantasy sports cricket websitewould have users building their own virtual team, the players of which are actually playing the matches at some stadium. Whether the user will lose or win depends on the players’ or team’s actual performance on the ground.

Considering the popularity of fantasy sports website and mobile apps, businesses are heavily investing in fantasy sports software development. However, it’s important to understand the ins and outs and know about all the features as well as costs before diving into the fantasy sports department. Let’s begin with the important features and functionalities that must be considered while undertaking fantasy sports app development:

Features 0f Fantasy Sports Software:

Application User/Contestant

This allows new users to register via email-id, phone number, and password and lets the existing users to directly log in with the help of their registered phone number, email id, and password.

Home Screen

This is the first page that appears after a user logs into the Fantasy software app. This has the details of the match along with search filters. It is here that the user selects his/her match, before getting redirected to the contest screen.


This allows the users to access contest details such as winning amount, winner’s counts, entry fee count, contest fee range etc.

Join the Contest

Once the contest has been selected, the user can join the match after paying the required fee amount.

Payment Options

The best platform is the one that has multiple payment options such as wallets/debit card/credit card/ referral cash/bonus points etc.

Create Contest

A contest can be created by the users with the addition of relevant details such as total winning amount, contest name, contest size, entry fees, etc. Friends or contacts can be invited to participate once the user has created the contest.

My Contest Details

The details of the participants can be viewed here. It also allows the users to edit their selected players and filter search by live scores, results, and upcoming matches.

Dashboard or Profile

This reflects details such as earned amounts, reward points, personal details, etc. You can also add your card details here for future payments.


Under this section, other important features such as ‘invite and earn reward points’ can be found.

Features for Admin User:

Admin Logins

This allows the admin of the Fantasy sports app to login via username and password.


This allows the admin to view statistics of matches including details such as ongoing matches, upcoming matches, played matches, etc.

User Manager

This allows the admin to manage all user accounts such as add/edit/delete/active/inactive accounts.

Games Categories Management

The section allows the admin to manage all the details of the games.

Contest Management

The admin can control contests and gets the option to edit/add/delete/deactivate match contests in this section.


The feature allows the admin to view the earnings using different filters.

Management of Payment

It allows the admin to view different modes of payments enabled by fantasy sports platform development expert.

Reward Points Management

This allows the admins to manage all the reward points that the users have.

Cash Bonus Management

The feature allows the users to manage cash bonus offered to the users.

Report Management

It allows the admin to generate participant reports, contest reports, earning reports, match reports, player ranking reports etc.

Bank Details Management

All the requests from the contestants are managed by the admin under this section.

Additional features considered in

fantasy sports website development

Live Match Score Board

This allows the users to view expert analysis, latest match live scores, and match highlights.

API Integration for Live Scoreboard

It allows the latest data so that the developers can easily integrate into other platforms.

Push Notifications

Push notifications allow everyone using the app to be updated with the upcoming matches and other details.

Custom Mail Reminder System

This is to inform the existing as well as new users about upcoming matches and contests.

Easy Payment Procedures

It allows the users to make payments hassle-free via debit card/credit card/payment wallets and net banking.

Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports Website/Software

The fantasy sports business is growing at an exponential rate and has a bright future ahead, according to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association.

Similar to the cost of any other software or website, the cost for fantasy sports website and mobile apps also depends upon the features, designs, and functionalities. The costing can range from $5000 to $9000. However, telling the exact estimate isn’t possible as it all depends on the client’s requirement.


Fantasy Sports app development requires great experience, expertise, and know-how. An expert can comprehend the mind-set of the target audience to make it successful in the long run. Hiring a professional mobile app development company can help you accomplish your purpose to convert your idea into a business-driven app.

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