How To Monetize Social Networking Sites?

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May 1, 2020
Monetize Your Social Media App

Do you have 100k followers on Instagram or Facebook? More than that? But does your audience convert into customers?

Everyone nowadays is focusing on several followers, likes, and shares that don’t matter. The customers you have and the revenue you generate is what matters the most. Social media monetization is the way to generate high revenues by simply implementing some small strategies.

What is Social Media Monetization?

‘Monetize’ refers to ‘change something into money. Speaking, it is the process of generating revenue from a particular item. The process of generating revenue from your audience on social networking sites is called social media monetization.

Social Media Monetization Technique

Why Go for Social Media Monetization?

No one is unaware of the benefits that social media has provided to the marketing industry. A marketer can easily target his audience on social networking sites. Many people don’t capitalize on the opportunities available on social media, and in this way, they miss out on a great opportunity to make money and grow their business.

Ways to Monetize Social Networking Sites

Benefits of Social Media Monetization

  • Offer Something New to Your Audience: Post about new services and products you have to sell to your audience. People are having different interests, so everyone can't convert. But the people who find it relevant are likely to convert. You can start running advertisements or Facebook ads to boost your sales.
  • Provide an Online Course to Your Audience: Do you have something that you can give to others? It can be anything such as knowledge of any particular domain. Social media gives you a platform where you can educate your audience by selling online courses. Online courses are in demand nowadays. If you come up with something effective and beneficial, there are high chances of people investing their money into learning more and better.
  • Influencer Marketing: If you have thousands of followers, companies will likely reach out to you to promote their brand. Influencer marketing can give a brand a reputation and promote brand awareness. It’s helpful for companies to improve their brand credibility and visibility. Once you earn your name as an expert, companies will come to you to advertise their services.
  • Lead Generation: Social media makes your work easier. Here you can promote your brand among your target audience. You can easily get feedback from your audience through the comments in the comment section. Once you come to know about what your audience wants from you, you can easily generate leads by making some improvements and doing the needful. More than this, you can also generate revenues by promoting your brand outside the app. creating a call-to-action button is a good idea to encourage your audience to act immediately.
  • Effective Sales Posts: All the products and services available in the market are aimed at solving a particular problem of the people. You should include all the basic information regarding your products and services in your posts to make them more effective. You can include the below points to convince your readers.
    • You should educate your audience about what your products are offering to them, and how they are going to solve their problem.
    • Don’t forget to teach them about the steps they have to follow to purchase your products and services.
    • If you are inserting a video or image into your post, it should be eye-catching.
    • Use some catchy slogans to make it more attractive.
  • Use Testimonials: If you want to earn the trust of your people, customer testimonials will help you do this. It is a kind of social proof that will help people to know about your services, goals, and ethics. Testimonials are very effective in explaining how helpful your services can be for your customers. You can ask your customers for such testimonials. Sharing them on your page will ultimately benefit you.


Social media is one of the most powerful platforms for businesses. You can promote your product through advertisements on social media. It also allows you to share your content with your audience to teach them more about your service and products. Apart from all this, social media offers great possibilities to businesses. Introducing your service and products to the people and focusing on customer engagement is the first step towards the success of your business. But what’s next? Customer engagement plays a key role in lead generation, but there are many more things you can do to expand your business and generate revenue.

If social networking sites have so many opportunities for your business then what’s the harm in grabbing those opportunities and making the best out of them. A few and effective monetization strategies can help you create revenues for your company. Use social media as a viable platform for customer conversions.

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